Friday, 18 September 2015

Barefoot Update 6 Months In

Barefoot 6 Months In

So so it's been six months since I started to wear barefoot shoes. Namely Vivobarefoot. It's been a odd time getting used to having no support at all an so much more information about how and where I'm walking compared to regular shoes.

I've had no exceptions where I switched back to supporting shoes or boots. I go to work and enjoy home life barefoot. I've also noticed so big changes to my feet and lower body which I attribute to minimal shoes.

My ankles have fallen more inline with my legs and are a lot more central. My feet are developing less hard skin and the skin which does go hard is slow to come about but also a lot more even across the foot rather than in one spot.

I've also noticed less issues with Sciatic pain (I sit a lot at work and with regular shoes it gave me a lot of pain) I'd say it's pretty much gone and I haven't had any problems for at least four months. My lower back has also had no problems since going BF.

My feet and muscles surrounding them have seen a big improvement and are a lot firmer.

I'll give another update at twelve months.