Thursday, 13 March 2014

Run like crazy - Barefoot Running 1 week on

Hello people, as you're aware I've taken up running for fitness and fun. This isn't running in fancy, super cushioned shoes that have air bubbles or springs in the heel and crazy arch support. In fact my running shoes have Kevlar!

My shoes Vivobarefoot Evo shoes have a nice slim sole, wide toebox and great flexibility. They are designed to allow my feet move and bend like a foot should. If you subscribe to barefoot running you won't need convincing and I doubt the ramblings of a noob runner such as myself with no prior experience will encourage runners who ware classic type shoes. All I can say is read as much as you can and listen to the studies being done and you'll soon see the footware industry have been lying to us all the time.

The best thing about barefoot running is how easy it is. I say this only because if you run in classic type trainers etc you are forced to land heel first creating huge preassure on you knees, hips and back also your foot isn't flexing how it should and in turn restricting it's use and causing harm.

Now take off your trainers and run again and you'll automatically start to land mid to forefoot instead of the heel. This auto reflex is ingrained deep within our mechanical makeup. We evolved to run like this to prevent injury and help us cover vast distances.

Before tools and weapons were used to kill animals what did we use, persuasion? "Please mr Deer, lie down and let me bash your head in with this rock" I don't think it worked like that, but new studies are postulating we chased our food over long distances because unlike a lot of other animals we can cool down while we run, so chasing a Deer who gets exhausted because it's being chased over a long time and distance collapses and then we go in for the kill.

Now on to my experience this week. I've found the most challenging part of this endeavour to be my own personal fitness, the running part feels natural and fun. I'm increasing my distance slowly and training 3 times per week. I'm also changing my diet to match my running and my protein intake has been increased. I'm currently running about 1 mile per run now and that's over a bit of elevation and mixed road and off-road running. My mile is at about 10 minutes so quite a slow pace but I'm not too bothered by this yet, I just want to get my distance up. I'd love to run a half marathon next year but this depends on a lot of factors.

Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running - A Total Noobs Journey

Ok lets get this out of the way. I'm going to blog a little bit this summer on my trials and tribulations while trying  to learn to run. I know I have crazy fads and don't usually stick to them. I spend the money needed to get the gear, I learn everything I can about the activity and I live a breath it for a few months before getting board and moving on.

I do want to stick with running for two things. One is fitness, I'm pretty unfit and don't do much exercise apart from ride my bike a little in the summer. Two to help make my other activities more fun and easier to do. So years ago I had another fad of learning to play golf. I realised I was a reasonable ball striker for a first timer and I got swept away in the romance of hitting the course every now and then and playing a round with friends. This didn't last long fast forward 8 months of going to the range and £900 spend on clubs and a bit more on extras like shoes etc and I wained and haven't struck a ball in a while.

I'd like to get back to golf but I feel my level of fitness and flexibility have held me back a little. So running seemed to be the cheaper choice over cycling.

Now on to why barefoot.

I've always walked about at home and in the close vicinity to home completely barefoot, in the summer no socks and when its a bit colder either in socks or a pair of Trekmate Slippers, these are a duck down filled upper (a bit like a sleeping bag) and a very thing (less than 3mm) sole.

I also walk to work in a pair of Vibram Five Finger classics and I've had them for a few years and when the weather is better I'm in them for most places.


This is a reason why I chose to go barefoot running, I know it was a thing and I loved the sensation of being barefoot. What I didn't know is how passionate and dedicated the people were who took part in this sport.

scouring around the net for more info I found plenty of stores selling minimalist shoes, lots of videos of demonstrations on how to run and also a lot of medical studies backing up the claims that running in this way is better for you as your less likely to get injured from typical running problems.

Well over the coming months I'll be reading more or technique and what I should and shouldn't be doing and in a couple of days I'll be buying a dedicated pair of running shoes.

I'm currently looking at the 2014 Bikila Evo or Vivobarefoot shoes.

If you have any advise or know of any barefoot running groups in the Wakefield area drop me a line.