Friday, 10 May 2013

Super Takumer 55mm F1.8 On A Fuji X-E1 - 1st Impressions

As promised here is a small 1st look at a new lens I acquired today.

The lens is a Asahi Pentax Super Takumer 55mm F1.8, I bought it today from a guy selling a Asahi Pentax ACHO SV. He apparently bought it over in Japan while working in the military. I knew I needed the lens to play on my Fuji.

Its a very attractive lens and has an all metal construction, the focus ring and aperture ring don't have any rubber just cold hard metal. Both rings rotate smoothly and the aperture ring clicks in to place nicely, but I feel that the selection isn't secure and if knocked it could change the F-stop.

The lens has some weight behind it but doesn't feel too out of balance when mounted to the Fuji. The paint on the outer is still much intact and only slight ware. The three small grub screws holding the DOF and aperture markings plate are slightly rusty. If I get the chance I may try and get replacements.

The glass elements of the lens seem to be in pretty good condition despite it's age, but closer inspection of the rear element there are signs of heavy fungus. I wasn't sure what kind of impact this would have on images quality but you will see.

Now I need to add a disclaimer, I'm not a pro photographer and I'm not interested in technical values etc. I just want to enjoy taking images. This is also about a cheap bit of glass, not a £500+ lens.


This images was shot at ISO3200 to see how well the light comes through the lens. I've found that with older lenses and new bodies that can reach crazy ISO's the noise created can be quite high. Sometimes I like it and in this instance its quite interesting.


This shot was done to test slow shutter speeds on how low I can go with the aperture wide open and poor light. Again it was ok but I don't think this will handle people in poor lighting especially if they're moving.


This is more like it, now to the meat and potatoes of the lens. Shot at ISO400, 1/250th and F5.6. The resolution of the lens in the center is cracking and the contrast is lovely.

Holly Bush

The colour on offer is fantastic and even at F5.6 the Bokeh is nice, albeit hexagonal.

Fstop test

This next shot shows the softness of the lens wide open. I guess this is the limit.


I think that I'll have fun using this lens. For those who want to know I'm using a PK-FX adapter I got from Amazon and an adapter ring from PK to M42 screw mount. I actually am going to buy a dedicated adapter for the M42 and M39 possibly.

Hope you enjoyed the read and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.