Friday, 8 March 2013


Welcome to My World

In the following blog posts you will find images taken by me and other people I follow on either Google+, Twitter, GTPlanet or Flickr.

I will also post various articles and websites I find too. Enjoy and follow me on either of the mentioned sites above.

I'm not an academic so blog posts will be full of typos and other grammatical mistakes. I'm also not a paid or professional photographer so please don't rip off my images. If I also post something of anyone else's I will post the link to where I found it and also give full credit to the artist. If I have posted something that is your and you would like me to take it down then just ask and I will.

I shoot with a Fuji X-E1 and I love it, I did use a Canon 400D DSLR but it was too heavy and cumbersome and I didn't like using it. As I spend more time with my new toy I love it more and more.

Enjoy the Blog.