Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Goodies - Gordy's Camera Strap & Billingham Hadley Small

Hi guys, I just wanted to share what arrived in the post today.

First up all the way from the USA is a Gordy's Camera Strap. I purchased this online direct from their website on 13.03.2013 and it arrived today 26.03.2013. I ordered a medium strap with strap pad, both in russet leather and the strap has blue string, total cost including delivery was $38.90 USD or £26.88 GBP.

The first thing to hit you when your package arrives is the magnificent smell of leather, it's such a lovely thing to get and it reeks (bad pun alert) of quality. The next thing to hit home and what so many people buy this product for is the feel. Looking at it it seems chunky and un wielding but once on your wrist it feels spot on and secure, also as many people have mentioned it will get softer and more comfortable with age.

Thanks to +Deron Chang for his blog and use of this great strap. Check out Gordy's website yourself and pick up something for your camera. http://www.gordyscamerastraps.com

Russet leather strap with russet leather pad attached to my Fuji X-E1

The other goodie to arrive this morning was my Billingham Hadley Small camera bag. A lot of guys over on the http://www.fujixseries.com website recommended this bag for the Fuji and small mirror-less cameras and they were spot on. Regrettably even though this thing has a lot of leather trimmings it didn't have the raw leather smell.

The size is perfect and can comfortable fit all my bits in and still have room for anything else I fancy carting around with me. The inside makes a perfect home for your prized possessions and is easy enough to rearrange even if the velcro grips like a cheap hooker to a dollar bill or to quote a fine english gentleman "We're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the Stick Insect got stuck on a sticky bun." - Blackadder.

It also has enough options to fit huge amounts of different kits in. Check this Youtube video by Børge Indergaard

That video demonstrates how well the Hadley is thought out and that instead of just making a bag with a few pockets time and effort was put in to make sure every conceivable bit or bob can be lugged about with ease. You get find more out about these bags from Billingham directly at http://www.billingham.co.uk/pages/index.php